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Announcements: 2008 Honeybee License Plates


2008 Honeybee License Plates 


This years license plates are a bit different than previous years.  We will need your payment buy July 31st so we can get the exact number of plates on order.  Please get your form in ASAP so we can get your plate reserved.
If you wish to order a plate this year and support the Kiwanis Honeybee Festival, please fill out the information below, remit $ 50.00 NOW and a COPY of your vehicle registration NOW or by July 25, 2008 to either of the addresses below. If you submit your registration after July 25, we will still forward it to the State, but the time you will be able to display them will be shortened. If you have any questions or would like additional plates, or are not going to order a plate, please contact



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