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Many of America's small towns cherish places and events that make them unique. Unselfishly they share these places and events with visitors. Such a town is Paris.

Historic Edgar County Courthouse is in the heart of downtown, surrounded by a stone wall, beautiful trees and shrubs. The county's third court building, it was built in 1891 of yellowish native limestone. It is listed today on the National Register of Historic Places and is a gem to behold because of its Romanesque architecture and its four-faced clock tower topped by a statue of Justice. Inside, original murals depicting a scene from Shakespeare's ‘Merchant of Venice' and a view of the Chicago Exposition are fully restored.

Paris boasts of several other historic places. The Arthur House is home to the Edgar County Historical Society. The Alexander Mansion houses the City's Bicentennial Art Center that exhibits Midwestern artists, local shows and student work. Opposite the Art Center is Vance Park. It is a calm and quiet place that's perfect for meditation. Inside you will find a lushly landscaped sunken garden with it's own traces of history. A serpentine wall, that reflects a design by Thomas Jefferson located in Charlottesville, NC, and a Lions Head fountain at the far end of the small park duplicates one found in Paris, France